This deadass the funniest tweet ever.

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when you catch up on a tv show and run out of episodes to watch and feel empty and lost inside

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filling out a job application

“are you available for a Skype interview?”




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today at work i asked a customer if he wanted french vanilla creamer with his coffee and he said no because he wanted the “heterosexual” creamer instead and it just blows my mind that straight people say shit about how queer people “force our sexuality on them” because i have never met a single queer person who has done something like assign a sexuality to coffee creamer

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hey i used to b uglier believe it or not

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People who say sadness doesn’t hurt physically apparently never experienced feeling so sad. I’ve felt it in my legs, my jaw, my head, my quivering lips, aching eyes, and my aching chest. It hurts my chest the most because it literally feels like your heart is in pain.

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